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How does lightning protection tower prevent lightning disaster?

Industry dynamics
2019/01/15 10:26

How should we prevent lightning disasters indoors and outdoors:

Indoor lightning protection

1. When it thunders, the first thing to do is to close the doors and windows to prevent lightning from hitting the room directly or prevent spherical lightning ( spherical lightning balls ) from drifting into the room.

2. In case of thunderstorm, people should not stand under the light bulb and cut off the power supply of household appliances to avoid damaging the appliances.

3, thunderstorm weather, try not to dial, answer the phone or use the phone to surf the Internet, should unplug the power supply and telephone lines and TV closed line may lead to lightning metal wire.

4, also want to leave the metal pipe into the door indoors and connected to the roof of the sewer pipe, etc.

5. Do not pull the wire used for drying clothes, bedding, etc. to the windows and doors to prevent the wire from causing accidents.

Outdoor lightning protection

1. In thunderstorm weather, it is best not to answer or dial the mobile phone outdoors, because the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone can also induce thunder. At the same time, it is forbidden to approach some operating power facilities during thunder.

2, people in the car will generally not encounter lightning attacks, because


It is a closed metal body with good lightning protection function. Experts remind that you should never put your head and hand out of the window when a car thunders.

3. In case of sudden thunderstorm, when the hair is stiff and stands up or the skin vibrates, lightning strike may occur. You should immediately fall to the ground, reduce your height, throw away the metal ornaments, hairpins, necklaces, etc. worn on your body, and bring your feet together at the same time to reduce the harm caused by stride voltage.

Don't take shelter from the rain under the big tree. It is better to be 5 meters away from the big tree when it thunders.

5. When you go out in thunderstorm, don't walk in the rain with an umbrella with a metal handle, and don't touch the rails and wires. Can't run in the thunderstorm, also should not ride a bicycle, more can't ride a motorcycle. It is better to wear rubber shoes, which can play an insulating role.