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Rules for overhaul of packing upper tray at lower part of process tower

Industry dynamics
2019/01/15 10:24

Rules are simply " rules + processes". The so-called process is a series of successive combinations of actions taken to achieve a specific goal, that is, a working procedure consisting of multiple activities. Rules are work requirements, regulations, standards and systems. Therefore, the procedure can be defined as: running the working procedure through certain standards, requirements and regulations. The work instruction is the basis for the operator to correctly guide the standard work of the operator. The work instruction is based on the parts capability list and the work combination list. According to the sequence of operations, the operation contents, safety and quality points of each person meeting the production quantity of each production line are clearly indicated. Maintenance regulations are the standards, requirements and regulations for maintenance. As operation guidance and must be strictly implemented, they are the general principles. Maintenance operation instructions are formulated according to specific items, and are independent items according to maintenance procedures, operation environment, characteristics and processes of operation items.