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Talking about the Integration of Process Tower and Environment

Industry dynamics
2019/01/15 10:24

The proportion of decorative towers is gradually increasing. Due to its diversified functions, many places with beautiful appearance choose to use decorative towers.

At present, many large landmark buildings in the city are choosing to install decorative towers. The decorative towers are of novel and unique shapes. The exterior of the tower body is covered with stainless steel plates ( or titanium plates ). Various stainless steel rings are installed on the upper part of the tower body. Under the sunlight during the day, the tower is sparkling and noble. The night falls on the tower and the LED lights match each other, making the building more beautiful and magical. The roof decoration tower developed and produced by the company after years of research and development is developed on the basis of iron tower. The product integrates communication, decoration, landscape lighting, lightning protection and other functions. The tower-type high-rise steel structure with novel modeling, embellishment and rendering of buildings and diversified exterior decoration materials shows the style of a building leader and improves the overall grade of the building.

Our factory specializes in producing metal structure products such as fire fighting training tower, watchtower, craft decoration tower, communication decoration tower, radio and television tower, communication tower, lightning protection tower, etc. The craft decoration tower produced by the company has various styles, beautiful appearance and novel and unique design. It is widely used in city lighting projects such as the roofs of various buildings, squares and greenbelts in residential areas, making it a landmark decoration building. The company is a group company of metal structure, with strong technical force and various advanced mechanical processing equipment. The company's products are widely used in the fields of radio and television, mobile communication system, public security communication system, civil air defense, water authority, wireless intercom, fire training, oil, power plant, building decoration, lightning protection, etc. The products have high use value and good decoration effect, are favored by users of various organs, enterprises and institutions, have become industry symbols and bright pearls in cities, and are an indispensable part of various engineering projects. The company always adheres to the principle of " quality first, customer first" and relies on science and technology to continuously develop and innovate. We will meet the needs of our customers with excellent products and services.

Top decoration tower - lightning protection, equipped with the same common lightning protection or lightning protection configuration of higher professional products. Air defense, equipped with a common obstruction light or a high-grade full-automatic high-life aviation obstruction light with light. Communication, with various configurations for configuring bp antenna communication, can complete fire prevention and anti-theft wireless networking. Travel, some equipped with open travel garden hall or closed travel garden hall. Decoration, the upper part of the tower is made of stainless steel tubes, and the appearance of the tower body is made of stainless steel plates on the surrounding surface, which is very bright during the day. In the evening, there are various kinds of chasing circular colored lights or multicolored spotlights to set off the appearance of buildings and communication towers and to beautify the night scene.

Features of the roof decoration tower: the roof decoration tower is characterized by reasonable and well - made, and the large craft tower body can be provided with passages for easy configuration, patching and covering. In addition, our company's decorative towers have various patterns and handsome shapes. They are commonly used in the construction of roofs of various buildings, squares and oases in residential areas. The surface of the towers can make them reflect each other with the structures. It can add beauty to the appearance of the structures, promote the overall image of the structures, and become a symbolic whitewash construction.